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Tuesday, 08 February 2022 16:19

Book The Jermyn Street Shirt

men's book formal shirt the jermyn street shirt book review jonathan sothcott'World’s best-dressed film producer' reveals secrets of the Jermyn Street shirtmakers. The mecca of fine British shirtmaking for more than a century, Jermyn Street boasts an embarrassment of past patrons, including Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, the Prince of Wales, the Beatles and on-screen hero James Bond.

Seen as a stuffy and elitist institution for many years, the advent of Instagram has thrown the doors open to the world’s finest shirtmakers as tailoring enthusiasts gather to share their passion. Whether off the peg, made to measure or fully bespoke, Jermyn Street lures a man towards a world of sartorial elegance. This is the first book to share its secrets. Unique access to many of the makers, such as Turnbull & Asser, Hilditch & Key and Budd, by author, Jonathan Sothcott. A film producer, he has produced over 30 films, working with the likes of Jason Statham, Ray Winstone, Mark Hamill and Sir Roger Moore, who introduced him to his shirtmaker some 15 years ago.

Left - The Jermyn Street Shirt - £25

TheChicGeek says, "Most importantly, the book teaches you how to pronounce Jermyn Street properly. Once and for all, it is 'Jer-min', not 'Jer-main' or 'Jer-man'. This book is a love letter to the traditional English formal shirt and its most famous environ of London.

The traditional work shirt has taken quite a hit since the pandemic and I think many of the traditional establishments of Jermyn Street will be hoping the worst is over, those hedge fund managers get back to their offices in Mayfair and the tourists return full of their dollars to spend on quality British products.

Sothcott and I have a similar background. We're both around the same age and from the same part of South London. He talks about Allders of Croydon, which I remember well, being his introduction to the shirt and menswear. (The sub-editor should have checked the spelling of this once huge department store). He speaks about his further education in the finer things in menswear and reminds us how lucky we are to have such a unique collection of brands and makers on our doorstep. London really is the home of global menswear and Sothcott enthuses with the addiction we all experience as menswear geeks. 

The book looks at the history of Jermyn Street, the types of materials and shirting options, caring for your shirts, and, most interestingly of all, a in-depth look at the most prestigious brands on the street. There is lot of detail and name dropping as he works his way around the street.

While the uniform of work is changing, this a reminder of the history, thought and skill that goes into a great British shirt and the street that put this historical and loved item of clothing on the international map."


Disclosure - A copy was sent free for review

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Monday, 09 March 2020 17:22

Grooming Dated Daniel

daniel craig james bond male body hair

daniel craig james bond male body hairWhen Daniel Craig had his birth of Venus (more like Mars) moment, emerging from the sea fully hench, we all knew this sexualised image was the dawning of a new era of Bond.

That was 2006, and was many people’s first introduction to the first of his five Bond films, Casino Royale.

From Left - 2006 -2020

Fast forward to 2020, and, as Craig bows out of his dinner suited role, we get another undressed look thanks to British GQ. 

Now, 52, he looks just as toned and muscular as he did 14 years before. He looks good, but, there’s something of out of step and slightly dated about the image. While he hasn’t changed, men have.

The clean-cut, shaved, tanned and hairless body of 2006 looks almost immature for a man today. There’s a slight hairy treasure trail above his waistband, but it feels like he’s stuck in a Love Island-like time warp sponsored by Veet.

Like I’ve written before, (see below) men are hairy now. From Only Fans porn stars to Frida Kahlo, hairy is lazy and it looks great. I don’t know why, but it just looks right, and that’s the whole point about it looking and feeling contemporary. 

daniel craig james bond male body hair sean conneryMaybe Daniel Craig is naturally hairless and that’s totally cool, but if he’s not, then it’s time for the natural Craig to step out of the water.

Right - We've had a hairy Bond before - Sean Connery

ChicGeek Comment Love Island Men’s Body Hair Polarisation

ChicGeek Comment PrEPpy Style

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Monday, 11 December 2017 15:34

Are There Fashion Icons For Men In Film?

Daniel Craig Best Dressed

Guest Post - When we think of the examples set by Hollywood stars, things are fairly different for men and for women. Both men and women look up to general standards of beauty, of course, to the extent that many have suggested it’s a problem. Hollywood stars are often extraordinarily attractive, and it probably isn’t healthy for us to hold them up as realistic standards. Nevertheless, it’s going to happen. And it’s interesting to consider how it happens differently for men and women.

For women, beyond traditional beauty standards, there is a lot of consideration for fashion. Costuming for famous actresses gets a lot of attention, and throughout award season red carpet looks are devoured and analyzed by everything from small blogs to high-end lifestyle magazines. Women look to actresses for fashion inspiration, perhaps as much as for general beauty. For men, however, it often stops with physique. This is not to say that men don’t notice well-dressed actors; typically, however, it’s a given actor’s physical prowess that gets the most attention in a movie.

This begs the question: are there modern fashion icons for men in film? Or are actors simply inspiration for us to hit the floor and do some crunches until we look like members of the Spartan 300? Personally, I’m not sure that there are many actors or characters men traditionally look to for style – but there probably should be. Consider these men and characters, for instance.

Ryan Gosling Best DressedRyan Gosling

If there is a current movie star who’s considered to be fashion example for men the way that, say, Frank Sinatra was several decades ago, or even George Clooney was a decade ago, it’s probably Ryan Gosling. Yes, Gosling has also made waves with his physique and general good looks, but for about 10 years now he’s made a point of taking roles that see him dressing stylishly. Much of the film Crazy, Stupid, Love even concerns his teaching Steve Carell how to dress and present himself. It’s reached the point at which Esquire even did a write-up of Gosling’s best-dressed roles. Suffice it to say Gosling is typically a fashion-forward example.

Henry Cavill

It would be easy to think of Cavill as little more than a muscle man. This is the case for any man who takes on the role of Superman, and particularly these days the image of a muscled hero in tights appears in more than just film. A likeness of Cavill (more or less) can be found in the “Injustice” video games, and a Man Of Steel-themed slot online stars Henry Cavill as well. In a way, his muscled physique is the character. But give the modern Superman films another watch and you’ll see that Cavill also puts on a clinic in how to dress – both as a casual, humble young man before her learns of his powers, and as the sharply dressed Clark Kent when he’s in disguise.

Daniel Craig

This is the rare instance in which it’s quite clear that a male actor is a fashion icon. Daniel Craig has fully embodied the persona of James Bond for several years now, and as is characteristic for actors playing 007, he’s looked extraordinarily sharp doing it. Craig rivals Gosling as the actor who most clearly advocates for stylish tailored suits – which look great on any man, famous, fit, or otherwise.

Tom Hiddleston Best DressedTom Hiddleston

Hiddleston is still best known (in all likelihood) as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, many of us hear his name and picture him in a sort of green cape holding a scepter, or something of the like. But in other films, Hiddleston has exemplified various states of male stylishness. In Midnight In Paris he gave a somewhat low-key performance as F. Scott Fitzgerald in which he looked like a terrific example of a Gatsby era dapper gentleman; in High-Rise and The Night Manager he appears like a modern GQ model. Indeed, this may be why Hiddleston is the only actor on this list that GQ saw fit to include in the top five of the 50 best-dressed men in the world. (He also comes up frequently as a candidate to succeed Craig as Bond.)

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s style is more difficult to describe, and a single character example doesn’t really do him justice. But when you think about his career, he’s made a lot of different styles look good, which makes him a sort of model for all guys. In The Hangover he shows how fairly casual attire can look great with confidence. In Limitless he dresses sharp (at least for part of the film). In Wedding Crashers he goes fully preppy, and in Silver Linings Playbook he looks good in everything from jeans and a football jersey to a dancing uniform. Cooper’s not a study in clothing, but rather, in confidence.

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