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Will we wear mushrooms? Stella McCartney introduces Mylo range

elijah hair collection Stephen James influencer barber shop tattoos Reversing fashion’s environmental impact to the world is a big ask but drawing a line in the sand is what Stella McCartney has done. It is no secret that McCartney has never used animal hides or fur in any of her collections and is a lifelong vegan.

“I believe the Stella community should never have to compromise luxury desirability for sustainability, and Mylo™️ allows us to make that a reality. These rare, exclusive pieces embody our shared commitment with Bolt Threads to innovate a kinder fashion industry – one that sees the birth of beautiful, luxurious materials as opposed to the deaths of our fellow creatures and planet,” says Stella McCartney.

So, what is it all about? The garments created with Mylo™️ by Bolt Threads – a vegan, sustainable, animal-free leather alternative made from mycelium, the infinitely renewable underground root system of fungi. Mylo takes about two weeks to grow and is far less of an impact than the two years it takes to raise a cow.

Modelled by Paris Jackson the pieces were handcrafted from panels of the mycelium-based material laid on recycled nylon scuba at the brand’s atelier in London. The soft, substantial material is certified as bio-based, meaning it’s made predominantly from renewable ingredients found in nature.

A question for another time will be about our future wardrobes and the use by date all this sustainable material produced clothing will have. I for one do not want my designer dress disintegrating after wearing it to one party too many.

Paris Jackson in the new Mylo garments
Paris Jackson in the new Mylo garments: Photos: Courtesy of Stella McCartney
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