Wednesday, 10 March 2021 14:43

Optimef Romanian Cool - The Handbag

Optimef Celest Cappuccino about town

Inspired by architecture and geometric shapes each handbag is a unique concept, a design piece in its own. Optimef was originally launched in 1979 as the very first Romanian watch, since then they have set about to rebuild the Optimef brand as a reminder that cool things were created in Romania. The founders Bogdan Costea and Andrei Morariu have created a fusion between past and present. "Each design will always have a nostalgic element along with a twist. The quality and beauty of a design object are closely connected, that’s why we pay careful attention to technical details, the materials and the technology that we use when creating our products. Beyond originality, refinement and a timeless aspect, we want Optimef pieces to inspire not only aesthetically, but also through the story they tell."

With this collection they continue to explore the idea of quiet luxury by transforming beautiful stories into design objects. Hand-crafted in Romania by skilled artisans using finest quality leather and custom made brass accessories made in Italy. By keeping production in-house, they are involved in every step of the manufacturing process. Using innovative leather crafting techniques they seek to create timeless design pieces.

Optimef Celest Cappuccino
CELEST - €595.00 Cappuccino / Ivory
Prima Mini Black
PRIMA MINI - €495.00 Black / Light Gold
Prima Ruby Red Black
PRIMA MINI - €495.00 Ruby Red / Light Gold
Prima Yellow Black
PRIMA MINI - €495.00 Yellow / Black