Wednesday, 03 November 2021 09:46

Introducing SwatchPAY!

Swatch PAY launchesThe payment function of SwatchPAY! is hidden; it has never been so easy to impress friends when it’s time to pay for a round of drinks.

How does it work? Hidden inside each model with the SwatchPAY! feature is a Near Field  Communication (NFC) chip that works in the same way as the ones in bank cards to enable contactless payments. The added benefit is that the NFC chip doesn’t drain the watch battery. Simply move the watch close to the payment terminal at the checkout counter, the terminal reader exchanges payment information with the chip, and that’s all there is to it!  Lost the watch? Don’t panic. Wearers can suspend or reactivate the payment function of the watch with a single tap on a smartphone or tablet using the SwatchPAY! app at any time. Like all other Swatch models, watches with SwatchPAY! are water-resistant to a depth of 30 metres.

"Never has contactless payment been this popular! We are all excited to launch SwatchPAY! in the UK," says Bernardo Tribolet, Swatch Head of Trendscouting. "Setting up your SwatchPAY! is simple, fast and does not come at any extra cost. Introducing this cool tokenised payment method, makes contactless secure and easier than ever. No need to activate the payment function separately or keep the watch within range of your connected smartphone. Activate your Swatch, swipe it and you’re done. SwatchPAY! is simple, stylish, safe and very Swatchy”.

The cool payment innovation is powered by Curve in the UK. "Curve is all about making money work on your terms and is delighted to be able to offer the convenience of watch payments to customers who want to wear traditional watches that fit 21st century expectations. Nothing could be a better pairing than Swatch's stylish designs and Curve's seamless technology," says Shachar Bialick, Founder and CEO of Curve.

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