Friday, 29 October 2021 16:29

David Gandy Launches WELLWEAR

David Gandy Wellwear loungewear basics

DAVID GANDY WELLWEAR is a 'world first concept bringing apparel and wellbeing together in a lifestyle brand that fuses fashion, function and feeling'. Inspired by the supermodel’s 20 years' of industry experience and based on the scientific benefits of wearing soft, comfortable clothing, the 20-piece debut collection offers a definitive range of essentials that puts the emotional wellbeing of its customer at its very heart.

“Clothing can have a big impact on our confidence, so I wanted to create a range that helps people feel relaxed and secure – one that allows people to feel as comfortable as they do in their own skin” says Gandy.

Fabric constructions have been selected for their natural functionality, such as body temperature regulation and moisture wicking, to create an additional layer of comfort. Wellwear also pushes the boundaries on affordable fabric innovation by applying technical treatments to garments to physically enhance the wearer’s wellbeing. These include anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties which reduce the need to wash clothes after every wear, increasing longevity of the garment and in turn having a positive wider environmental impact, and the use of Aloe Vera plant extract which has wound healing, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

TheChicGeek says, "It's quite hard to get excited about basics, but I like Gandy's attempt at a spin on them. The product descriptions are a bit of a stretch for a cotton loopback hoodie - 'The release of oxytocin (feel-good hormones) when you hug someone has a powerful calming effect signalling relaxation and safety. We’ve read that soft clothing does the same, so we made the Ultimate Hoodie as soft as possible. Here’s a hug from us to boost your mood.' 
David Gandy Wellwear loungewear basicsComfortable clothing makes people feel relaxed. Who knew?! The proof of the basics is in the wearing... Hoodies are £75, T-Shirts are £30. Made in Portugal.
I didn't realise Gandy no longer did his ranges for Marks & Spencer -the English model’s underwear range for Autograph, launched in September 2014, and swimwear collection was released during summer 2015 - so this is clearly his own extension of that. 
Could probably do with more colour, but I guess that'll be about growing out the SKUs. Sportswear and beauty/supplements will be a natural brand progression here."

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